Share your Workday

with Clients, Partners and

Improve your accessibility

Increase your accessibility to business associates with dynamic links to your active communication channels.

Bring your email signature to life

While you manage your day, mySwitchboard automatically updates your email signature. Your clients are one tap away from the best way to reach you.

Embrace hybrid work

mySwitchboard empowers hybrid & WFH employees to connect and be accessible in- and outside their organization.

Manage workday boundaries

You may be working from home, but finished for the day. Toggle your Switchboard so clients, partners & coworkers know when you're available.

Be there for clients, customers & partners.

Improve your accessibility for those who need it most. It’s not that you’re unavailable, but sometimes your cell phone isn’t the most appropriate way to contact you. Email is instant but your responsiveness can’t always be, sometimes when you’re out of office a phone call is the best way to get the answers. mySwitchboard ensures you can be there to help customers promptly achieve success milestones or address partner concerns about the new deal the moment they arise.

Manage your work-life balance.

You’re not always on - mySwitchboard communicates your availability in real-time and shares the best way to reach you. Whether you’re hitting the gym, stepped away for lunch, or clocked out to watch a movie with your family. Work-life balance is important - mySwitchboard protects this balance for you and your colleagues.

Optimized for hybrid and remote workers.

The mySwitchboard app enables workers to distinguish when their work day has started and ended, and when they’re available - providing valuable real-time information for coworkers and managers.


Frequent questions

Anyone with your mysb.me link can see your profile. Think of this like an enhanced email signature that only shares the appropriate communication channels at that moment in time - it’s actually more private than an email signature. Those who connect with you will be added to your switchboard and have access to additional in-app communication options.
There is no way to search for new connections. mySwitchboard is not a broad networking tool but rather an accessibility tool to share your status and availability as well as the best way to reach you at any given time with your regular professional correspondents.
To connect with someone on mySwitchboard they must first share their profile with you, or vice versa. This is often done by including your profile link in your email signature or sharing it directly with key stakeholders.
Sort of. mySwitchboard is an accessibility tool to share your status and availability as well as the best way to reach you at any given time (email, work phone, cell, etc.). The app supplements these existing communication tools by offering direct messaging and video chat as well, but our bread and butter is sharing the best way to reach you and protecting your boundaries.
When you update your status mySwitchboard enables or changes your communication options. For example, when you are working from the office an incoming phone call will be directed to your office line, when you are working from home that call may be directed to your cell. If you are in a meeting, you will be unavailable for a call but may still receive emails or direct messages.
mySwitchboard does not share your calendar. We allow you to pre-set your standard work schedule but do not sync with or share your appointments.
We have found this superior as schedules are constantly changing with meetings running long or unforeseen fire drills, so the best way to share your availability in real-time is to actually share your availability in real-time.
mySwitchboard is free for all users and provides an ad-free experience. We have a mySwitchboard for Teams subscription option to centralize use within your team or organization with additional features.

mySwitchboard for Teams

mySwitchboard is your team's view into who's working, who's onsite and who's remote.

With real-time awareness and one-tap video chat, mySwitchboard connects workers and helps to revive efficient exchanges like coffee room knowledge transfer and glancing over the cubicle to see who's in.