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Work Status

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Team Settings


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Time Capture

 Enable automatic time capture for all users
 Users can download their time-sheet data

Available Upgrades

Level 1
  • Up to {{configuration.PriceLevel1Users}} Users
  • Video Chat, Screen Sharing
  • ${{configuration.PriceLevel1}}/month, paid annually

Level 2
  • Up to {{configuration.PriceLevel2Users}} Users
  • Video Chat, Screen Sharing
  • Auto-Timesheet, Time & Attendance data
  • ${{configuration.PriceLevel2}}/month, paid annually

Level 3
  • Up to {{configuration.PriceLevel3Users}} Users
  • Video Chat, Screen Sharing
  • Auto-Timesheet, Time & Attendance data
  • ${{configuration.PriceLevel3}}/month, paid annually


Id First Name Last Name Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Hours
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Id Date Start End Minutes Participant1 Participant2
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Work Status

 Working at office  Working at home  Working off-site  Off Duty, ok to call  Off Duty        Available  On a call  In a meeting  Stepped away
What my Connections See

Change Your Registration Name or Email

To make a change to the email address or name you used to register your account, please send us an email with the required changes to

Setup your chat and video apps so that we can enable the best matches for communication with your clients, partners and coworkers. mySwitchboard triggers the connection, but all communication is through your existing apps.

 Enable WhatsApp

Enter your WhatsApp Account Phone Number in international format. Omit leading zeroes, brackets, or dashes.

 Enable Zoom

You can find your Zoom Personal Meeting URL within the "Edit My Profile" options, under "Meeting".

A paid Team or Workgroup license is required to enable the following integrations:

 Google Chat/Meet/Hangouts
  Microsoft Teams
 Google Chat/Meet/Hangouts
 Enable Hangouts

1. To get your Google Id, go to
2. copy the 21 digit ID at the end of the URL.

 Enable Slack

Learn how to find your Slack Workplace Name and Member Id here...

  Microsoft Teams
 Enable Teams

Teams integration works with users who are members of the same organization.

 Enable Webex

You can find your Personal Room URL on your Home page on your Webex site.

Add social media, website, blog and calendar links to your profile. Link buttons will appear in your profile's footer.

  LinkedInLinkedIn name-id (Learn more...)

  TwitterTwitter name (without the @)

  FacebookFacebook page name

  InstagramInstagram name

  YoutubeYoutube channel reference


  CalendlyAccount Name

Share your profile by posting or sending the link below to your professional network. Add the link to your email signature to provide dynamic contact information with your emails.

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Change Your Public Profile Name

Change your name to a unique and descriptive set of characters, such as "jsmith".

1) Profile names must have a minimum of 4 characters and may only contain lower case letters (a-z) and digits (0-9) without spaces or punctuation. Ex. "jane101".
2) After changing your profile name, your public profile link will change immediately and your contacts will no longer be able to view your profile with your old link.

Select start and end times for your workday to automatically toggle your working status and availability. To disable this feature entirely, deselect all Scheduled Work Days.

Vacation Override

Pause my workday schedule until I return from vacation.

1) The status and availability buttons in the app will override schedule settings.
2) Your work schedule will align with the time zone where it was last saved.

About Teams

mySwitchboard for Teams optimizes workday engagement in hybrid organizations. It takes everything you already love about mySwitchboard and adds features to refine coworker interactions, manage work-life balance and enhance working relationships within your team.

Learn more here...

Create a Team Now

1) Start With a Team Name

You can change this name later and set other team preferences.

2) Select a Plan

Select a plan that covers your team size and required features. Plan details are listed below.

Plan Details

Max {{configuration.PriceLevel1Users}}

  • Up to {{configuration.PriceLevel1Users}} Users
  • Video Chat
  • ${{configuration.PriceLevel1}}/month, paid annually

Max {{configuration.PriceLevel2Users}}

  • Up to {{configuration.PriceLevel2Users}} Users
  • Video Chat
  • Auto-Timesheet, Time & Attendance data
  • ${{configuration.PriceLevel2}}/month, paid annually

Max {{configuration.PriceLevel3Users}}

  • Up to {{configuration.PriceLevel3Users}} Users
  • Video Chat
  • Auto-Timesheet, Time & Attendance data
  • ${{configuration.PriceLevel3}}/month, paid annually

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